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How long is an appointment for a new client?
For all Initial Visit Massage Therapy treatments, whether Therapeutic or Relaxation, we require extra time to conduct a physical orthopedic assessment, beginning with a complete Postural Assessment.  Your massage treatment will follow.  In total, your initial visit will be 1 HR and 15 Minutes.


Treatment Focus
Delivery of therapeutic rehabilitative Massage Therapy is our main focus here at Cedargrove.   Therefore, it is essential that we conduct a thorough assessment at the start of your initial visit and, when needed, at the start of your follow-up visits.


Why is an assessment required at the initial visit?
As Regulated Health Professionals, and as a requirement of our registration, Registered Massage Therapists must conduct a physical orthopedic assessment prior to each initial massage treatment and when changes are made to your treatment plan.

For us here at Cedargrove, this is very important.  We tailor each massage treatment to your assessment results.  Therefore, you will receive a treatment specific to your body's needs rather than a generic routine treatment.


Does our assessment cut into your appointment time?
No!  We organize our appointment schedule to ensure that the time you book will be the massage time you receive.  For example, if you book a 1 hour appointment, you will receive a 1 hour Massage Therapy treatment.  We ask only that you give us an extra 15 minutes of your time to allow us to conduct our assessment and/or prescribe remedial exercises as needed.  The initial visit is set up already to accommodate the assessment time we need.


Please download our Health History Form prior to your Initial Visit. 
This form can be downloaded Here.


Please don't hesitate to contact us by phone or email to discuss any questions you may have.  We would love to hear from you!

Enjoy a great day!